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Opens December 2020 

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A Place To


A Place To is ‘co-living’ especially for young people in education and recently graduated working professionals

431 apartments
with balcony
designed by BIG

Chose from 431 fully furnished apartments
Monthly rent from DKK 3.500 for a single room
Private kitchen/bath, balcony, sea-, land- or city view
The first 206 apartments are available February/March 2021.

A Place To


A Place To offer co-living with your friends, in own apartment with private kitchen/bath.

A Place To


There is plenty of room to meet, talk, read, prepare, or use the many in-house offers.

A Place To


Our Ambassadors ensure that it is friendly and homelike to move in and live in A Place To.

A Place To

Unique spaces created especially for you and the life you want to live. A Place To learn, live, work, play, love, party, date, wake up and thrive. Experience a new way of living and socializing

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A Place To


Can I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to have pets in our apartments or in common areas. But your guests may occasionally bring pets to visit.

Can I get "Boligstoette"?

You may contact borgerservice yourself and calculate, if it is possible to get "boligstoette".

Can I have my parents or my friends staying over?

Of course you can. If they want to stay over, and you havn't enough space yourself, they may rent one of our nice hotel-apartments for the occasion.

Can I move to another room or APT location?

You are always welcome to consult our website or write to the rental manager for information on current and upcoming vacant apartments in our properties.

Can I sublease my apartment?

Yes, it's something that you must take care of yourself, and it's your sole responsibility. You are still liable for the rent and any damages to the property. A sub-tenant must have a lease agreement. This agreement must reflect your lease agreement, and we will arrange for an agreement proposal for you. You must contact the property manager before placing a sublease.

The sublease period must be a minimum of one calendar month.

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